ValueEdge modules

Micro Focus ValueEdge delivers end-to-end value stream management by providing a modular, cloud-based platform that powers the entire software product lifecycle, from strategy to delivery.

The ValueEdge platform includes the following modules:

Insights & Analysis

Provides visibility into complex, cross product line information, allowing organizations to understand flow rates, identify waste, remove friction, and continuously improve digital product delivery processes. Insights into the business value of change, and the ability to track high value change from inception to delivery are provided via easy-to-understand dashboards, reports and AI-powered analytics.

Portfolio & Strategy

Align corporate strategy with Agile execution, by translating strategic plans into actionable initiatives, delivering value to end customers and competitive advantage to business. Define business objectives and key results, create and compare What-if scenarios, build a roadmap of initiatives, communicate plans and reveal dependencies, and gain line of sight into strategic progress across the organization.

Coming soon. For details, see ValueEdge Platform Community.

Agile Delivery

Enable Agile and DevOps teams to manage work, defects, backlog, pipelines and sprints in a single, comprehensive and easy-to-use module.

Quality Management

Manage continuous quality at scale with end-to-end traceability, test management and execution, defect and vulnerability management, automated continuous pipelines, and advanced team backlog management for full visibility and smart insights.

Functional Testing

Optimize functional testing strategies, providing fast and accurate insight into application quality. The centralized functional testing solution combines business-centric model-based testing, AI-based test authoring, and an extensive testing lab that includes test execution machines, mobile devices and browsers.

Coming soon. For details, see ValueEdge Platform Community.

Performance Engineering

Confidently test the complex load, stress, and performance scenarios with easy-to-access, scalable cloud-based performance engineering resources. With innovative technologies, extensive integrations, and powerful analytics, organizations can tackle any project and provide coverage from multiple types of tests and application types.

Coming soon. For details, see ValueEdge Platform Community.

Release & Process

Track and execute all aspects of product change, from code commit to production deployment from a single technology set. Commit code changes to Git-based repositories, continuously integrate code changes via process-centric builds, capture build artifacts into an artifact repository that understands vulnerabilities and risks, and deploy approved artifacts to pre-production and production environments using graphical, repeatable processes.

Coming soon. For details, see ValueEdge Platform Community.

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