Step 5: Configure synchronizer notifications

ALM Octane Synchronizer sends cumulative notifications for issues that occur during synchronizations, as well as digests summarizing all links in a specific workspace.

Link notifications

Link notifications are configured for all links in a workspace. On the Link Configuration page, click the workspace's name in the navigation tree, and then click the Notifications tab. How do I get to the Link Configuration page?

Issue notifications

Configure cumulative notifications sent for issues occurring during synchronizations. You can configure notifications for only new issues, or both new and known, still unfixed issues.

  • Select how often you want the system to send notifications, summarizing:

    • New issues that have occurred since the last notification.
    • Known issues that have been reported in previous notifications, and are still unfixed.
  • Determine who receives issue notifications. Click the Select from workspace users drop-down, and select one or more recipients.

Note: To send notifications for known issues, you must also configure notifications for new issues.

Link summary digests

Configure how often you want to receive digests, summarizing the status of all links in the current workspace.

Link summary digests are only sent to Synchronizer Admins. If you want additional users to receive digest notifications, assign them to the Synchronizer Admin role for the specific workspace.

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