Step 7: Review link summary

You can review the state of your links in widgets displayed on both the Link Configuration and Dashboard pages. Toggle between the two buttons in the upper-right corner to switch between the pages.

For example, view a Link Summary:

These widgets display the numbers of links for each type. Links with issues are links that generated errors or warnings during the last integrity check or synchronization.

Additionally, you can view configuration details and statuses for all links in a specific workspace by clicking on the relevant node in the tree on the Link Configuration page.

Data is displayed in a grid, with a row for each link in the selected section. In the grid, click the links in the Last Run and Last Integrity Run columns to access the logs for a specific run.

To view data for all links configured for a specific workspace, click the workspace name in the navigation tree.

The Dashboard displays basic synchronization statistics as well as detailed reports for each synchronization.

To view data for a specific link, or to investigate specific errors, do the following:

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