Install Synchronizer using the Configurator interface

In a basic production environment (without clusters), you can use the Synchronizer's Configurator interface to enter your Synchronizer settings.

Install and start the Synchronizer

First you install the Synchronizer and start the Synchronizer service.

  1. Within /opt/sync/install, execute the script under a desired user. (You may need to set as executable. )

    Note: Make sure that ALM Octane is running before you execute the script.

    If the sudo command is used to run the script as root, make sure the root user has the necessary environment variables set (mainly JAVA_HOME), or use the –E option in the sudo command: sudo -E ./

    This runs the setup tool which configures the database, and populates configuration files inside the distribution. It also registers the service as an OS service if executed under root.

  2. Start the Synchronizer service:

    <install_dir>/wrapper/octane-sync start

    Alternatively, run the following:

    service octane-sync start

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Configure Synchronizer parameters

  1. Open the Configurator interface:

    http://<Synchronizer host>:<Synchronizer port>/sync/ui/configurator

  2. Fill in the fields on each of the tabs: Service Location, General, Database, Cache, Octane Integration, Security. Follow the instructions for each field.

    You can also find details on each field in Synchronizer parameter reference.

  3. Click Run validation.

    If any errors are returned, fix the relevant field.

  4. Click Save Changes to save your parameter values to the sync.yml file.

    We recommend you also export the configuration for backup.

  5. Click Restart Server, or run the following command from the command line: 

    service octane-sync restart.

Tip: After the Synchronizer is restarted and your enable the service in ALM Octane, you can access the Configurator from inside the Synchronizer at any time, using the Settings icon in the upper right corner.

The Configurator can then be used to update configurations if you are logged into the configured ALM Octane server. The Configurator can be accessed by an ALM Octane user who has the Maintenance protocol and Micro Service Site Admin roles assigned.

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