Install the Synchronizer

The following section describes how to install and configure the Synchronizer for initial use.

  1. Download Synchronizer and prepare ALM Octane

    First you download the Synchronizer package. You then need to prepare ALM Octane to enable the integration with Synchronizer.

  2. Next, you install and configure Synchronizer. There are three ways to initially configure Synchronizer, depending on your environment:

    1. In a simple environment such as for testing purposes, you can run a script which automatically populates default Synchronizer parameters in the /opt/sync/conf/sync.yml file. You can then edit the file manually to match your environment.

    2. In a complex production environment with clusters, you must manually define the Synchronizer parameters in the /opt/sync/conf/sync.yml file.

      The above two scenarios are described in Install Synchronizer using the sync.yml file.

    3. In a basic production environment (without clusters), you can use the Configurator interface to enter your parameters easily. See Install Synchronizer using the Configurator interface.

  3. Define additional properties and enable the service.