Perform synchronization

This section describes how to perform synchronization, after you have completed the installation and preparation steps.

Caution: Before setting up synchronization on a production system, we recommend synchronizing an experimental ALM Octane workspace and ALM or Jira project.

Understand the synchronization workflow

Working with ALM Octane Synchronizer involves the following steps:

Step Description

Step 1: Define ALM or Jira credentials

Enter your ALM or Jira access credentials.

Step 2: Create an endpoint

Define your connection data to ALM or Jira.

Step 3: Create a synchronization link

Define the entities being synchronized, favorites used to filter data, and the directions in which the endpoints are updated.

Step 4: View and edit link configuration

Check the mappings and settings that were created automatically for your link, and make any adjustments necessary.

Step 5: Configure synchronizer notifications

Configure Synchronizer to send notifications about issues occurring during synchronizations.

Step 6: Run synchronizations

Run an integrity check to prevent errors during synchronization, and an optional simulation to understand details about the data that will be updated.

Run manual synchronizations or enable synchronizations to run automatically.

Step 7: Review link summary

Review the status of your links and investigate any errors that may have occurred during synchronization.

You can view the run history for a specific link in the Run History tab.

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