Troubleshoot Synchronizer installation

This section contains troubleshooting suggestions for issues relating to the Synchronizer installation process.


Logs are located in the logFolder location specified in the Synchronizer parameter reference.

  • Synchronizer Application logs: <logFolder>/sync/app/app.log

  • Audit logs: <logFolder>/sync/Audit/Audit.log

  • SSO logs: <logFolder>/sync/Hpsso/hpsso.log

  • REST interface logs: <logFolder>/sync/rest/rest.log

  • Synchronizer service logs: <logFolder>/sync/wrapper/wrapper.log

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Errors when enabling the service

ALM Octane site log

Check the ALM Octane site log for an error. This is usually located in /opt/octane/logs/nga/site/site.log.

Unexpected error

If you receive the message Unexpected exception occurs, contact administrator for support, while enabling the Synchronizer Service from the ALM Octane UI (displayed in the logs and UI), make sure the user running ALM Octane has read permissions to the file which resides by default in <octane_install_dir>/webapps/

HTTP status code 502

If you receive an error saying HTTP status code is 502, this means ALM Octane is configured to use a proxy and it cannot connect to the Synchronizer. Make sure the proxy can connect to the Synchronizer machine.

Authentication 401 error

If the Synchronizer Service receives an authentication 401 error (displayed in the Synchronizer Service log), the service cannot authenticate to ALM Octane. Check that the sso > initString parameter value is identical in the configuration parameters of ALM Octane and the Synchronizer Service.

PWC6345: There is an error in invoking javac. A full JDK (not just JRE) is required

If you receive the message “org.apache.jasper.JasperException: PWC6345: There is an error in invoking javac. A full JDK (not just JRE) is required” when using the ALM Octane Synchronizer UI, make sure the service is running on OpenJDK,

If this is not possible, see Run the Synchronizer service on OpenJRE.

Error 404 when opening the Synchronizer link from the ValueEdge and ALM Octane UI

This can happen if the Synchronizer service is on a different URL than ValueEdge and ALM Octane, and you did not define SYNC_BASE_URL in /opt/sync/conf/, as described in Install the Synchronizer.

You can fix this by adding the entries directly in the ALM Octane database and restarting ALM Octane. In the PARAMS table of the ALM Octane site admin database, add an entry for SYNC_BASE_URL. The SYNC_BASE_URL format is (without /ui/sync).

User is repeatedly redirected to the ALM Octane login page

This usually happens because of cookie sharing problems, when ALM Octane and Sychronizer are on different domains.

To check cookies and make sure they are set correctly, you can use Chrome Developer tools > Application > Cookies.

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