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Resolved issues

The following issues were resolved in the this release:

Key Summary
OCTCR5A1210108/ OCTCR5A1193422 Encoding problem when downloading Gherkin test .feature files with accents
OCTCR5A1194284 Cannot change Log Level for Rest Log in Site Settings
OCTCR5A1194144 OOTB phases in story board are badly constructed if metaphase is changed
OCTCR5A1177029 'was updated' email notification has incorrect format for 'Modified fields'
OCTCR5A1172004 Pull-down menus do not scroll in reduced displays
OCTCR5A1164061/ OCTCR5A1159082 Pipeline module main view and live summary stop responding if there are a large number of pipelines
OCTCR5A1164019 Confusing error message when trying to delete test cases from a test suite
OCTCR5A1161138 Suite runs are not selectable in manual runner when there are many runs
OCTCR5A1162006 GitLab: Cannot parse project under group with spaces in the name.
OCTCR5A1164068 GitLab doesn't works when your service should expose a different URL, not with <hostname>:<port>
OCTCR5A1169088 Cannot report test results when GitLab service uses proxy and test artifacts are stored on another machine (not on GitLab server)
OCTCR5A1158084 Automail is not sent when creating a new work item with new_tasks field
OCTCR5A1152115 Update of Teams field in defect changes the editing date of attachments