Client types

Use of client types in the ALM Octane REST API are optional, but are useful when viewing sessions in the ALM Octane Site Admin UI.


The client type affects how your sessions are displayed in the ACCESS TYPE column of the Sessions tab in ALM Octane Site Admin settings.

Client types are optional. If you do not use client types, your sessions' ACCESS TYPES display as generic REST clients, such as API_KEY_ACCESS.

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Using the HPECLIENTTYPE client type

To use client types for session management, send your REST API requests with the HPECLIENTTYPE header.

If you want to use client types, we recommend that you define your own client types using, for example, a prefix for a company name or a product name, such as like TASKTOP_SYNC. This way, you can differentiate between sessions.

Caution: Do not use HPE or OCTANE as a prefix for your client type. These client types with this prefix are pre-defined for ALM Octane internal use, such as OCTANE_IDE_PLUGIN. These internal client types have behaviors which are not part of the public REST API.

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