Viewing on-premises site license usage (technical preview)

Using the REST API, on-premises site admins can view the maximum number of users in the site working concurrently in ALM Octane for a specific date range. For details on how this is calculated, see View concurrent site license usage.


To view the maximum number of users working concurrently in a site (for on-premises only), you must be authenticated as the site admin. For details, see Authenticating.

Note that this report is available only for the concurrent license model (and not named).

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Calculate site concurrent license usage

Maximum concurrent license usage for the entire site is calculated periodically. In addition, site admins can trigger the calculation on demand, using the following:




204 No Content

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Define time units

You can view license used per day, week, or month. By default the last day is shown.

The meaning of time_unit is to return the maximum usage in the context of the time_unit requested. For example, asking for license usage in the weeks time unit generates a response containing one result per week, which is the date of the highest result of that week.

Asking for the months time_unit generates a response containing one (maximum) result for each month.



You can also use the time unit without specific dates, for example:


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Example of viewing site usage

The site admin can view the maximum number of licenses in use concurrently per day, for the site.


GET .../admin/license_usage/?start_date=2019-10-17&end_date=2019-10-21


  "license_usage": {
       "2019-10-17:00:00.000+0000": 61,
       "2019-10-18:00:00.000+0000": 72,
       "2019-10-19:00:00.000+0000": 53,
       "2019-10-20:00:00.000+0000": 64,
       "2019-10-21:00:00.000+0000": 74
       "start_date": "2019-10-17",
       "end_date": "2019-10-21",

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