Trigger a suite run (technical preview)

You can use the REST API to trigger a suite run. 

POST: Trigger a suite run

The API will run all automated tests under the specified suite run. If you provide specific test_run_ids, it will run only the specified runs.

POST .../shared_spaces/<shared_space_id/workspaces/<workspace_id>/suite_runs/<suiteRunId>/run_auto

Specific test_run ids may also be passed as URL parameters:

POST .../shared_spaces/<shared_space_id/workspaces/<workspace_id>/suite_runs/<suiteRunId>/run_auto? query="(test_run_ids IN '<test_run_id1>’,’<test_run_id2>’)"

The expected response status is 201.

A query condition can be used according to the following:

  1. In the case of more than one test_run_id, use the IN condition:

    query="(runs_in_suite IN 'test_run_id1’,’test_run_id2’)"

  1. In the case of one specific test_run_id, use EQ or “=” conditions:

    query="(runs_in_suite EQ 'test_run_id1’)" OR

    query="(runs_in_suite = 'test_run_id1’)"

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