PUT: Update an instance

To update an instance, perform a PUT on the individual entity, passing a JSON string that contains the fields to be changed.

How to update an instance

  1. Use the fields metadata resource to get the fields available for the entity/resource.

    Note: The data returned for an entity may contain calculated fields that cannot be POSTed or PUT.

  2. Create a JSON string that contains the fields to be changed. 

    JSON input must be of the same format as data returned from a GET operation on the entity.

    To validate the correctness of the client data and avoid accidental overrides, in the JSON string, send the client_lock_stamp field in all update requests. For details, see Lock entities.

  3. PUT the data to the resource.   

  4. On success, the HTTP return value is 200. The returned string is the complete data of the updated entity.

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