API integration flow

The following flow demonstrates how your applications can integrate with ALM Octane using the REST API.

Caution: Some resources are technical preview, and subject to change until declared public. You have access to them, but only at a technical preview level.

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Set up API access

Set up API access once for each application that will communicate as a client with ALM Octane. This grants the application registered access keys to use for authentication. Two keys are created: Client ID and Client secret.

To get started, in the top banner, click Settings . Click Shared Space, and in the API Access tab, click +.

For details, see API access.

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Authenticate and sign in

APIs must be authenticated to work with ALM Octane.

To work with the ALM Octane, the API must sign in. For details, see Authenticating.

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Perform actions

Once signed in, your APIs can work with ALM Octane entities and relations. ALM Octane is an entity-relationship application and supports the basic CRUD operations (Create, Read, Update, Delete).

Some of the actions your APIs can perform are: 

  • Creating ALM Octane items, such as defects, application modules, and pipelines.

  • Deleting ALM Octane items.

  • Updating ALM Octane items.

  • Querying ALM Octane items.

To get started, see Interactive API client and How to work with the REST API.

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Sign out

The sign_out resource logs the user out of the session and cancels (expires) cookies.

For details, see sign_out.

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