This topic provides instructions for working with pre-defined and user-defined lists.


ALM Octane lists contain values for list type fields. For example, the Status list contains a list of possible status values, such as Aborted, Failure, and Success. While many lists are provided by default for system fields, admins can create new lists and apply them to user-defined fields.

Admins can define lists within workspaces. The lists are only available for those workspaces.

Space admins, and admins for workspaces, can modify values for many system lists, and create lists. Admins without Administration > List > Manage permissions can view the Lists area in Settings, but cannot make any updates.

All lists and list values have the following types of names:

  • Names, which are displayed in the ALM Octane UI and can be used for filtering in REST API.

  • Logical names, for use with the REST API, such as when filtering.

When creating user-defined lists and list values, logical names are automatically generated.

For details on working with lists in the REST API, see Working with lists.

Note: The Teams system list is deprecated and should not be used. If you need a UDF for a list of teams, create a UDF of type Team that points to all available teams defined for the workspace.

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Create a user-defined list

After an admin creates a user-defined list, the list can be added in your forms and rules can be created that access the lists.

Space/workspace hierarchy. In a shared space, lists added at the space level are available in all its workspaces. Shared lists are displayed with the Shared icon. Workspace admins cannot modify shared lists.

In an isolated space, workspaces admins can define lists that are available only in their workspace.

To create a user-defined list: 

  1. In Settings > Spaces, select a shared space or a workspace.

  2. Click Lists, and then + to add a list.

  3. Name the list.

  4. You can perform the following operations on your lists: 

    Operation Description
    Name text box

    Rename the list.

    List item's Name text box Rename a list item.

    Add a value to the list.

    Toggle sorting the items in the list in ascending and descending order.

    Additional options:

    • Deprecate. Deprecated items are no longer displayed in the list. The item values are not removed from existing lists. You cannot reactivate an item in the list once the list is saved.

    • Deactivate. Temporarily deactivate list items. You can see the list but they are disabled. The item values are not removed from existing lists. You can later activate a deactivated list item.

    • Activate. Re-activate deactivated list items. You can see the list and they are no longer disabled.

    Restore While editing a list, you can restore the values until you Save. Values are reset to their original values when you started editing the list.
  5. Click Add.

  6. You can modify only user-defined lists and certain system lists. To determine whether a list is editable, use the Is modifiable and Is rename only columns.

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Delete a user-defined list

If a list is no longer in use by any user-defined fields or rules, the admin can delete the list.

To delete a user-defined list:

  1. In Settings > Spaces, select a shared space or a workspace.

  2. Click Lists.

  3. Select the list you want to delete.

  4. Click Delete List .

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