Resolved issues

The following issues were resolved in the ALM Octane 24.1 release:

Key Summary
OCTCR5A1942068 There was an unhandled exception when changing the field order in a list.
OCTCR5A2164133 Unstable behavior occurred in the REST API when using api_accesses with the expiration and is_valid properties.
OCTCR5A2279005 An exception was thrown when clicking Favorites.
OCTCR5A2301024 The terms swimlane, swim lane, and lane were not used consistently in the user interface.
OCTCR5A2313006 When locating an application module via a search, its Details tab did not open.
OCTCR5A2313102 The title and message in the Admin Role Required warning popup, indicated Shared even when the space was isolated.
OCTCR5A2316085 Long response times were encountered for PUT run_steps requests.
OCTCR5A2318077 Dashboard popup details were missing after an upgrade.
OCTCR5A2318107 The trace from filter did not show correct results.
OCTCR5A2318132 It was not possible to edit a Make Required business rule that used similar fields in different workspaces.
OCTCR5A2326112 When a user assigned a calendar to a team with an Alert User business rule, no alert was displayed and the user could not proceed.
OCTCR5A2333019 The popup window that opens when accessing Call to test steps had an incorrect behavior.
OCTCR5A2342071 Users could not log in to the ALM QoT offline client with SSO.
OCTCR5A2113027 When modifying certain fields in the Team entity, an error occurred.
OCTCR5A2162029 The Covering tests field in features was not refreshing automatically.
OCTCR5A2184041 The Content field in Gherkin Auto Runs (GARs) did not show the correct number.
OCTCR5A2197026 When trying to deprecate a list item, a List could not be saved error occurred.
OCTCR5A2215098 The configuration parameter list in the online help did not match the list shown in the product.
OCTCR5A2254136 Users were unable to access linked entities within external actions.
OCTCR5A2269113 Rank order was not observed in exported backlog Excel files.
OCTCR5A2277115 When restoring a BDD scenario item, a BDD scenario with a new ID was created.
OCTCR5A2277121 The example Excel import file incorrectly showed a semicolon as a separator, instead of a comma.
OCTCR5A2283017 An error occurred when deleting deployments.
OCTCR5A2283138 ALM Octane was not sending webhooks.
OCTCR5A2286142 Enums were not available in the interactive API client.
OCTCR5A2300057 When exporting BDD Scenario (BSC) entities, an attachment description error was displayed.
OCTCR5A2301012 The Feature coverage widget was not available.
OCTCR5A2308005 AI analytics scope was mistakenly set to Include all workspaces by default, instead of Exclude all workspaces.
OCTCR5A2310022 For big xUnit files, Jenkins test results were not imported into ALM Octane.
OCTCR5A2319086 In the Generate Document Report window, the Apply and Cancel buttons were off screen and not accessible.
OCTCR5A2326081 In the Jenkins plugin, discovery jobs were failing.
OCTCR5A2328098 Decimal values were omitted when importing tasks from an Excel file.
OCTCR5A2332110 Users were unable to access test steps.
OCTCR5A2338263 When trying to create new defects, the Must have a valid phase message was displayed.

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