User preferences

Set your personal system preferences.

Set personal preferences

Specify the language and theme in which your UI is displayed. Add an image to your profile.

To set your preferences:

  1. In the right corner of the top banner, click the user icon.

    The Name, Email are Phone are set by the admin.

  2. Change the following settings, as necessary:


    Choose your preferred language in which to display the UI labels. Available languages include: Chinese (Simplified), English, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Spanish.

    Click Update to apply the language.

    The language change takes effect the next time you log in or refresh the browser.

    The default language is set by the space admin.

    Theme Choose the Standard or High Contrast theme.
  3. Click the Change link below the user icon to upload a profile image.

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Set preferred behaviors

Expand the Settings drop-down menu, and set the following options:

Option Details
Email me when I am mentioned in a comment

If enabled, you will be sent email notifications whenever other users @mention you in comments.

Use Sprinter to run manual tests If enabled, manual tests are run in Sprinter rather than in the Manual Runner. For details see Run manual tests in Sprinter.
Show tabular format as default

If enabled, dashboard graphs are displayed in the form of tables with values in each cell.

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Change your password

On PremTo change your password, contact your administrator. For details, see Manage site users.

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Date formats

ALM Octane’s date format is set by the language or locale set in your browser.

If the date format is not what you expect, check your browser's language and locale settings.

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