Start the ALM Octane server

When you finish defining your configuration settings as described in Configure site settings, start ALM Octane.

To start the ALM Octane server:

  1. Log in as either the root or sudo user.

  2. Run the octane service to start the ALM Octane server. Run:

    systemctl start octane

The installation is complete only when the "Server is ready!" message is shown in the /opt/octane/log/wrapper.log file. If you do not see the "Server is ready!" message, correct the errors shown in the log.

Tip: When you first start using ALM Octane, you automatically receive a Trial license which gives you a 90-day trial for 100 users. For details, see Trial license in the ALM Octane Help Center.

Next steps:

  • Log in to ALM Octane
  • Cluster configuration: If you successfully installed and logged into ALM Octane on the first cluster node, continue installing on additional cluster nodes.
  • If connecting to a database server or an LDAP server over a secure channel (SSL/TLS), or for license sharing with ALM, configure trust. For details, see Configure trust on the ALM Octane server.