Copy items to another workspace

You can copy or move items of certain types to another workspace within the same space.

Copy items to another workspace

You can copy defects, manual and Gherkin tests to another workspace within the same space.

To copy a defect or test to another workspace:

  1. Open the defect or test that you want to copy.

  2. Click Copy to Different Workspace.
  3. Choose the target workspace and click Copy.

    You can select a workspace in which you are a user. You need to have permissions to create the item in the target workspace in order for the action to succeed.

    After the copy completes, a message displays with a link to the new item in the target workspace.

The new item is initiated as follows:

  • The phase is reset to New.
  • A comment is added containing a link to the original item in the source workspace.
  • The Detected By or Author field are copied from the original item. Make sure that the same user exists in the destination workspace.
  • The item is created with a clear History tab.

Field values and attributes are copied to the new item as follows:

  • The new item will include values for the fields that are defined at the shared space level. This applies to both system and custom fields.
  • Values are not copied where the value is defined at the workspace level, such as local application modules, programs, teams, and releases.

In addition, the following fields and attributes are copied or not copied:

Status Details


Defects: Tasks

Tests: Data tables and sets, the current version

Not copied

Comments, Data access categories

Tests: Runs, previous versions, automation status

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Move a defect to a different workspace

You can move defects from one workspace to another in the same space.

Permissions: You need to have the Move defect permission on both source and target workspaces.

You can move one defect at a time.

Status Details
  • Common fields.

    This varies depending on the entities that the workspaces share.


    • The owner field is saved only if the user is part of the new workspace. Otherwise, it is left blank.
    • The author field is saved only if the user is part of the new workspace. Otherwise, the user who is moving the defect is the author.
    • Phases that exist in the original workspace but do not exist in the new workspace are replaced with the master phase. For details, see Master phase.
    • Releases associated with the shared space are moved, while releases associated with the workspace are not.
  • User-defined fields (UDFs) that are defined at the shared space level and are common to both workspaces.
  • Attachments
  • Comments
  • History
Not moved
  • Associations with features and backlog items cannot be moved to the new workspace. Any and all associations are removed.

Note: The defect in the target workspace might not be valid due to the removal of fields that are irrelevant in the target workspace. In such a case, any user attempting to modify the defect will be required to adjust it to make it valid.

To move a defect to another workspace:

  1. In the defect Details tab, click Move to Different Workspace.
  2. In the Move to Different Workspace dialog box, select the target workspace, and then click Move.

    Refresh the grid in the target workspace to view the change.

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