Backlog planning buckets

When you plan a release or a sprint, use the planning buckets in the Backlog module.


Planning buckets are widgets that represent the assigned work.

The planning bucket displays the following details about the current release progress:

Field Details
Release name

Click to filter the grid and backlog tree by this release. This is helpful when you want to assign the release items to specific teams and sprints.

Release countdown

The number of days left in the release

Release timeline

Each bar represents a sprint. ALM Octane highlights today’s date and the current sprint.

Release progress widget

Displays aggregated data from the backlog items assigned to this release.

Hover over the widget to see an explanation of each area.

Sprint filter

Select one sprint or all sprints.

To assign backlog items to a sprint by dragging them into the sprint bucket, you must select a sprint.

Team progress bars

The progress of individual teams, in story points.

Hover over the widget to see an explanation of each area.

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Open planning buckets

You can open planning buckets from the Backlog module.

To open a planning bucket:

  1. In the Backlog module, open the Planning pane on the right.

  2. Click the number of displayed releases to select the releases to plan. ALM Octane opens a separate bucket for each release you select.

  3. To view the sprint and team buckets, click the expand arrow beneath the release bucket.

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Assign features to releases

After you planned a release, you can assign features to that release.

As you assign items, ALM Octane refreshes the planning bucket to reflect the new contents. ALM Octane also updates the bucket if you change an item's phase, story points, or other item properties.

To assign features to a release:

  1. In the Backlog module, open the Planning tab and display the releases to plan.

    The Planning tab contains the release's planning bucket:

  2. Expand the release bucket, using the down arrow at the bottom, to view the sprint and team buckets:

    Select a specific sprint or all sprints.

  3. Drag items:

    • Into a release bucket to assign them to release without a sprint or team

    • Into team buckets to assign them to the selected sprint and team.

    Drag stories to the No team bucket to assign them to a sprint without specifying a team. Drag items to a team in the All sprints bucket to assign them to a team but not a sprint.

    Caution: Assigning a feature does not assign its user stories, quality stories, or defects.

The features and the related backlog items are now ready for work.

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