A program represents an "important, ongoing system development mission". For details, see the SAFe website.

Editions: Programs are available with Enterprise Edition.

For example, in a private banking workspace, you might create programs called DirectPay, MyAccount Mobile, MyAccount Web, Services, and Back Office.

Working with Programs in ALM Octane

Within ALM Octane, programs are not actual entities. They facilitate filtering, ranking, and reporting within a workspace.

Consider the following notes:

  • Programs can be assigned and worked on in one or more releases.

  • You can associate backlog items (features, user stories, quality stories, and defects) with programs, and then filter the Backlog module grid accordingly.

  • You can assign teams to programs. This helps you assign work items to teams according to their program association.

  • You can assign pipelines to a program. The pipelines' automated tests are automatically assigned to the program as well.

  • You can filter tests whose covered content is associated with a program.

  • You can also assign application modules, tests, and runs to a program.

Programs are defined within a workspace. For details on how to define programs in the workspace, see Organize workspaces into programs.

Tip: After an admin creates programs in Settings > Spaces, users can filter by programs using the programs selector in the toolbar, next to the workspace selector.

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