Data availability in dashboards

The data you can report on in a dashboard depends on your license type.


The widgets you can create in a dashboard are divided into two categories, based on their reported entities: delivery insights and quality insights. Certain licenses allow you to perform delivery insights while other licenses allow you to perform quality insights in addition to delivery insight widgets.

If you share a dashboard that includes quality insights, users with a license only for delivery insights can view the shared dashboard and save the dashboard for themselves. They cannot edit the quality insight widgets.

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Data per insights category

You can create predefined and custom widgets based on the following entities, according to the insights category available to you:

  • Delivery insights: Backlog items, Commits, Defects, Pipeline runs, Pull requests, Quality stories, Tasks, User stories, Vulnerabilities

    Note: The group by and x-axis fields in the widget settings for delivery insights list only the above entities.

  • Quality insights: Features, Tests, BDD Specifications, Last Test Runs, Test Run History (automated, manual, suites), Requirements

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