What's New in 16.0.400

The following new features and enhancements are introduced in the ALM Octane 16.0.400 release.

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Learn about some of the new features included in ALM Octane 16.0.400:

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ValueEdge platform

The ValueEdge platform is a modular, cloud-based solution that delivers a comprehensive set of managed services that can be easily deployed in any organization.

As ALM Octane Enterprise customers on SaaS, you are now part of the ValueEdge platform.

For details, see the ValueEdge Help Center.

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Usability enhancements

The following usability enhancements are now available:

Enhancement Description
Favorite's name in the banner

The name of the selected favorite is now displayed in the top banner, next to the favorite icon. For details, see Favorites.

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Backlog and quality

The following backlog enhancements are available:

Area Enhancement
Shared epics

Space admins can now create shared epics that are inherited by all the workspaces. This adds the Portfolio level to ALM Octane's support of the SAFe methodology.

For details, see Space settings.

Support for SpecFlow

You can now inject BDD test results from SpecFlow, using a report generation template file. For details, see Inject BDD test results from SpecFlow.

Risk-based testing insights for recommended tests

Risk-based testing analytics now provides insights for recommended tests. The insights help you understand why the tests are recommended. For example, the analytics recommends and prioritizes tests that should provide a good coverage of a selected area and reduce its quality risk. For details, see Quality risk insights.

Plan Run option for multiple tests

The Plan Run dialog box is now consistent when selecting one or multiple tests. You can set field values for all of the selected tests, including values for user-defined fields. For details, see Run manual and Gherkin tests.

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Reporting and analytics

The following reporting and analytics enhancements are available:

Area Enhancement
Summary widgets based on date fields In summary widgets, you can now configure the x-axis to display date fields that are properties of the selected item, such as Closed on, Creation time, or Started. For details, see Dashboard.
Associate repeated phases with waste With the help of a business rule, you can now associate a work item's repeated phases with waste. For details, see Waste management.
New scorecard widget

A new widget type allows you to display KPIs as single-number scorecards. For details, see Widget descriptions.

Display averages in summary widgets

You can now display metrics on the y-axis as an average. For example, in a features summary graph, display the average number of feature story points assigned to each developer. For details, see Dashboard.

Widgets for quality stories You can now create custom widgets to report on quality stories. For details, see Dashboard.

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Release processes

The following release processes enhancements are available:

Area Enhancement
Auto actions

The following enhancements to auto actions are now available:

  • You can now create auto actions to trigger GitLab jobs and generate document reports. For details, see Create a release process.
  • Aborting an ALM Octane's auto action that runs a PulseUno job now aborts the corresponding job in PulseUno, and vice versa. For details, see Run a release process.

For details, see Release processes.

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Pipelines and integrations

The following pipeline and integrations enhancements are available:

Area Enhancement
VS Code integration

You can do your ALM Octane work directly from the VS Code coding editor. To do so, install the plugin for VS Code. For details, see Work in the Microsoft VS Code editor.

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The following administration enhancements are now available:

Area Enhancement
Business rule action: auto populate fields Using a new business rule action, you can now auto populate fields of an item based on the field values of a related item. For example, copy the description of a suite run from the test suite. For details, see Rule examples.
Auto action audit trail You can now view changes to the auto action fields in the system activity log. For details, see Advanced admin tasks.
History audits You can now retrieve a history audit using OData and REST API calls. Additional parameters let you specify an offset within the data. For details, see Specify an offset within history records - OData (technical preview) and View history (technical preview).
HTTP/2 support

ALM Octane now supports the HTTP/2 protocol. For details, refer to the ALM Octane Installation Guide, in the section Public URL and Server Ports.

Support for TLS 1.3

When configuring a secure connection to the ALM Octane server, TLS 1.3 is now supported. For details, see ALM Octane 16.x Secure Deployment and Configuration Guidelines.

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Changes to browser support

In the next release of ALM Octane, support for Safari will be deprecated. Choose another one of the supported browsers listed in the Support Matrix.

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The following REST API changes are introduced in this release:

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