Resolved issues

The following issues were resolved in the ALM Octane 23.4 release:

Key Summary

Data in burn-down dashboard widgets was not updating.

OCTCR5A2196069 Date fields in ALM Octane were not set correctly if the user was in a different time zone than the ALM Octane server.
OCTCR5A2232050 In document reports, the default ordering of entities was by name and not by ID.
OCTCR5A2282089 Issues occurred when running multiple manual tests.
OCTCR5A2180066 The flag rule was not working correctly.
OCTCR5A2268089 In the Issues and Features grids, when grouping items by field, the fields were not sorted in alphabetical order.
OCTCR5A2229067 In test suites, the Last runs data for some tests was incorrect.
OCTCR5A2219146 Public dashboards were not showing all data.
OCTCR5A2260082 A Session disconnected message appeared when accessing the Runs module.
OCTCR5A2274105 Space upgrade failed when upgrading from version to
OCTCR5A2260011 An error occurred when working with automated runs with milestones that were not release-specific.
OCTCR5A2239258 [Object object] appeared in card footers in the Team Backlog module.
OCTCR5A2181003 Exceptions occurred when retrieving too many pipeline nodes.
OCTCR5A2150032 Attachments could not be uploaded in the UI due to their size.
OCTCR5A2264029 The timeline of the current sprint was not displayed when [Current Sprint] was selected.
OCTCR5A2222066 Fields in some run subtypes and test types could not be accessed via the UI or the public API.
OCTCR5A2263034 An error occurred when editing the steps of a test.
OCTCR5A1456043 The SIGTERM signal was not implemented for ALM Octane GitLab service.
OCTCR5A2251057 When a tabular widget was opened in full screen, not all of the data was displayed.
OCTCR5A2260084 Performing a bulk update of backlog coverage for test cases inside a test suite did not associate the cases to the backlog item.
OCTCR5A2215036 When grouping items by priority or severity in grid view, the groups were not sorted in the correct order.
OCTCR5A2221076 When a task was completed, the remaining hours could not be added to the invested hours.
OCTCR5A2264237 The team list did not load in the Team sidebar when the Sprint filter was set to [Current Sprint].
OCTCR5A2264239 When the sprint filter was set to [Current Sprint], team member metrics were shown for the entire release and not only the current sprint.
OCTCR5A2239253 The Test statuses by pipeline run widget had a small filter limit.
OCTCR5A2212044 The text color chooser control was truncated when editing text in full screen view.
OCTCR5A2239248 The Last modified field was not updated for tests when the application module related to a test was deleted.
OCTCR5A2276018 The business rule Alert message box was not displayed in the Tests tab of a feature.
OCTCR5A2263297 A vulnerability was fixed in octane-cucumber-jvm.
OCTCR5A2243011 In the Run tab of the Quality module, it was not possible to filter by test type of the linked tests.

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