Functional Test Design

ValueEdge Functional Test Design enables you to create codeless test automation scripts, using AI-based object identification.

Functional Test Design identifies objects in your application as a human would, and helps you build your tests step by step. After you develop a codeless automation script in FT Design, you can associate it with a Codeless Test entity in the Quality module. You can then schedule and run the test in the cloud using Functional Test Execution.

For details on FT Design, see Functional Test Design Help Center.

To link codeless tests in Quality with scripts in FT Design:

  1. In Quality > Tests, select + Codeless Test and define test details. The testing tool type is automatically defined as FT Design.

    Limitation: The Codeless test entity name may not include a period (.).

  2. In the Details tab, click Open in Design. This opens the Functional Test Design interface.

  3. Create your script as described in Functional Test Design Help Center.

  4. You can then add this test to a test suite in Quality, or execute the test in the cloud using Functional Test Execution. For details, see Functional Test Execution.

Alternatively, you can first create a script in Functional Test Design, and then associate the script with a codeless test in the Quality module.