What's changed

This topic includes a comprehensive list of updates to the REST API and SDKs by version.

Version 12.55.17

New public entities

More REST API entities (and their fields) are now publicly available: 

  • automated_runs

  • taxonomy_nodes

  • taxonomy_category_nodes

  • taxonomy_item_nodes

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Version 12.55.13

Shared customization and entities

The following table describes the current level of REST API support for shared customization and entities.

Type Isolated Space Shared Space
Customization, such as UDFs, forms, rules, lists, and so on
Entities, such as releases and teams

The documentation and examples in this ALM Octane Developer Help assume the context of an isolated space.

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Version 12.55.9

New public entities

More REST API entities (and their fields) are now publicly available: 

  • requirements

  • requirement_documents

  • requirement_folders

  • requirement_roots

  • teams

  • team_sprints

Set space configuration parameters

The shared space admin can set configuration parameters for spaces using the REST API. For an example, see Activating basic authentication by the shared space admin.

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Version 12.55.8

Aliases and deprecation

New names (aliases) for deprecated API resources are now supported. This means that you can choose to use the new names for APIs, or the existing names, without breaking your existing code.

While both names are currently supported, we suggest you plan your switch to the alias name in the near future.

You can also see a list of deprecated resources and their aliases under Changes in behavior.

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Changes in behavior

We have made some improvements to the REST API. These improvements may require updates to your existing REST API calls.

The table below lists the changes made by version.

Tip: For the most up-to-date information, see Retrieving metadata and use the Interactive API client.

Version Entity Field Item or attribute Old New
12.55.17 run testing_tool value change StormRunner StormRunner Load
12.55.9 users site_admin <deprecated> site_admin Use roles instead.
12.55.8 product_area product_area <deprecated> product_area application_module
test product_area <deprecated> product_area application_module
workspace_user activity_level <deprecated> activity_level user_activation_status
test_suite_link_to_test subtype required Did not exist. subtype
workspace name unique false true
<All> attachments <PUT operation deprecated> Supported. Not supported.
<All> comments <POST and PUT operations deprecated> Supported. Not supported.
12.55.7 run runs_in_suite editable true


steps_num NA This field was public. This field is no longer available.
native_status NA This field was public. This field is no longer available.
run_suite runs_in_suite editable true


workspace_user password inBusinessRule true


required false true
uid unique false true
isFinal false true
activity_level sortable true


email unique false


ldap_dn inBusinessRule true


Note: Remember that ID values for all entities are strings, even if the values they contain are numeric. We recommend that you check your REST API calls to make sure your code does not process ID values as numbers.

12.55.4 User-defined fields are no longer returned by default when performing GET operations.
12.53.20 defect severity required false true

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