Space configuration

This section provides instructions that site admins, space admins, and workspace admins can use to configure spaces.

In addition to the instructions below, space admins can also set configuration parameters for relevant spaces. For details, see Set configuration parameters (technical preview).

Topic Description
Manage spaces Instructions for managing both shared and isolated spaces.
Manage workspaces Instructions for managing workspaces.

Manage users

How to add users to spaces and workspaces, and delete them or deactivate them when necessary.

Assign roles and permissions

How to assign roles to users to give them specific permissions.

Set up a release

How to set up releases in the relevant shared space or workspace, and define its timeline and workforce.

Manage teams

How to create teams in each workspace, and assign the teams to the releases on which they will work.

Design forms

How to choose which fields are included in a form, and design the form’s layout.

Customize fields

How to create user-defined fields (UDFs), and change field display names for both system fields and UDFs.

Set up lists

How to modify the values of system lists, and create your own lists.
Set up rules Instructions for designing rules that trigger actions in ALM Octane when certain conditions are met.
Set up workflow phases and transitions How to set up your development workflow by defining phases and how to transition from phase to phase.