CDefine work days

Time-related calculations, such as velocity and release burn down, are based on work days.

Work days are reflected in the following places:

  • Time-related graphs, such as burn up and burn down graphs, and the Control Chart
  • Story Board: in the WIP limit and card time limit
  • Planning tab of features and backlog items

You can define which days of the week are work days. You can define work days at the workspace level or the team level. Team-level definitions override workspace-level definitions.

The default work days defined are Monday - Friday.

Note: Changes to work days are effective from the time you make the change and forward, not retroactively.

For example: A team member's capacity in a release will not be updated when you change the work days. You will see the effect of the change either when a new member is added to the team, or when the team is associated to a new release.

To define work days for a workspace:

  1. In Settings > Spaces, select a workspace in the tree, and click Edit Workspace .

  2. In the Workspace Detail dialog box, select the work days and clear the non-work days.

To define work days for a team:

  1. In Settings > Spaces, select the workspace in the tree.

  2. In the Teams tab, click the team ID link to open the team you want to edit.

  3. Under Work Days, select the work days and clear the non-work days.