Set configuration parameters (technical preview)

Site and shared space admins can set configuration parameters that determine how ALM Octaneworks.


Admins can set configuration parameters from the Site and Spaces areas in Settings.

For a comprehensive list of all publicly-available configuration parameters, see Configuration parameters.

Admins only see the parameters that are relevant for them.

Example: Shared space admins can only see the space-level parameters that they have the ability to change. There may be other space-level parameters that only the site admin can change.

The values of parameters set on the space level override the values of the same parameters set at the site level.

Example: If a site admin sets a site-level parameter called DEFAULT_LANGUAGE to lang.en for English, and the shared space admin changes the same DEFAULT_LANGUAGE parameter on the site level to, the default language for the space will be English while the rest of the site will be in German.

SaaS: To set configuration parameters for the site, open a support ticket. To set configuration parameters for the shared space, you do not need to open a support ticket.

Tip: Admins can also set configuration parameters using the REST API. For details, see Setting configuration parameters with the REST API.

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How to set configuration parameters

Admins can set configuration parameter values.

  1. Click Site or Spaces, and then click the Parameters tab.

  2. Locate the parameter you want to set.

    Use the search box at the top of the grid to find a parameter.

  3. Change the value.

  4. For each configuration parameter you set, click Save.

  5. Changes to configuration parameters may require that you refresh Settings. Click Refresh.

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