Set up credentials

Some applications require credentials. ALM Octane can supply these credentials when calling these applications from a Trigger Webhook rule. You define the credentials in Settings.


Admins can define credentials so that ALM Octane can send requests to applications that require basic authentication. These credentials can be used as part of a Trigger webhook rule.

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Add credentials

  1. In Settings , select Spaces and select the space or the workspace.

  2. In the Credentials tab, click +.

  3. Provide an appropriate name for the credentials.

  4. Enter the username and the password for accessing the application.

  5. Click Add.

    When credentials are used, such as by Trigger webhook rules, IN USE is updated.

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Delete credentials

  1. In Settings , click Spaces and then select the space or workspace.

  2. In the Credentials tab, select the row with the credentials you want to delete.

  3. Verify that the credentials are not in use by reviewing the IN USE column. If you delete credentials that are in use, rules using these credentials will be invalid and won't run.

  4. Click and Delete.

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