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ALM Octane documentation includes the following help content and PDF guides:


Get Started    
  Introducing ALM Octane   Describes the ALM Octane workflow.
  What's new (SaaS)   New features and enhancements.
  System requirements   Up-to-date system requirements and supported environments.
  Introducing ALM Octane   How to use ALM Octane.
User Help    
  Basics   Basic user functionality for ALM Octane.
  Manual testing flow   Create and run manual tests to measure release and product quality.
  Project management flow   Plan and track your work using ALM Octane's Agile Manager features.
  Agile development flow   Use ALM Octane to achieve Agile in your development practices.
  DevOps CI server integration flow   Measure release and product quality based on data from your CI server.
  ALM Octane DevOps integrations   Integrate with other DevOps solutions.
  Synchronizer installation(12.60.21) Install the Synchronizer Services to enable ALM or JIRA synchronization.
  Initial setup   Configure spaces, workspaces, users, releases, and more.
  Linux installation (12.60.21)

Install an on-premises ALM Octane server on Linux.
  Windows installation (12.60.21)

Install an on-premises ALM Octane server on Windows.
  What's changed in the REST API   List of updates to the REST API and SDKs by version.
  Overview for developers   What's included in the ALM Octane REST API and SDKs.
  Interactive API client   Use the built-in client to make API calls from the ALM Octane UI.
  The REST API   Use ALM Octane's open integration to connect to other testing, management, Ops frameworks, and CI systems.