Log in to ALM Octane

This section describes how to log into ALM Octane.

Tip: When you first start using ALM Octane, you automatically receive a Trial license which gives you a 90-day trial for 100 users. For details, see the information about Trial licenses in the ALM Octane User Guide.

  1. In a browser, navigate to <serverURL>:<serverport>/ui.

    Make sure to specify a fully-qualified domain name for the server. The name must include at least one period. Do not specify an IP address.

    Cluster configuration: Use the load balancer URL.

  2. Log in with the site admin user name and password you provided in the setup.xml file using settings SiteAdministratorUser and SiteAdministratorPassword.

Note: Errors might be listed even if the ALM Octane server initializes and starts. If you encounter problems initializing ALM Octane, check for errors in the log files. For details, see Troubleshooting.

Next steps:

  • Cluster configuration: If you successfully installed and logged into ALM Octane on the first cluster node, continue installing on additional cluster nodes. See:
    Linux: Cluster installation (optional)
    Windows: Cluster installation (optional)
  • Set configuration parameters, such as FORGET_USER_ON_DELETE and SMTP_NOTIFICATION_SENDER_EMAIL. See the ALM Octane User Guide.
  • Create spaces. See the ALM Octane User Guide.
  • Once you have logged on as the space admin, you can create other users and workspaces. See the ALM Octane User Guide.