Handle database-related issues

This topic provides instructions for handling database-related management tasks.

Change site schema settings and reinitialize

If you need to make changes to the site schema settings, make the changes in the setup.xml file.

  1. Obtain the names of the indexes related to your instance of ALM Octane in the sharedspace_logical_name.txt in the C:\octane\server\conf\ folder.

  2. Delete the database site schema.

  3. Delete the repository.

  4. Delete the mqm_<sp_logical_name> index from Elasticsearch. From the command prompt on the ALM Octane server, run:

    curl -XDELETE 'http://<server address>:9200/mqm_<sp_logical_name>/'
  5. Run initserver.bat with the site action CREATE_NEW in the setup.xml file to create a new site schema.


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