Set ALM Octane credentials

Use the bridgeAuthentication command line tool to set the credentials used to connect to ALM Octane.

The credentials consist of a client ID and secret generated by ALM Octane. To obtain a client ID and secret, add an entry for the Integration Bridge on the Settings Spaces > API Access page. Assign this entry the Integration Bridge role. For details, see Set up API access.

Note: If you are not a space admin on your ALM Octane system, have your admin add the Integration Bridge client and provide you with the generated client ID and secret .

Use this tool in the following cases:

  • You want to use credentials other than the ones you entered when you first installed the Integration Bridge.

  • You need to update your bridge so that it connects to ALM Octane using OAuth authentication. The Integration Bridge bridge now uses a client ID and secret to connect to ALM Octane instead of ALM Octane user credentials.

Run the bridgeAuthentication command line tool

On Windows
As an admin, or as a user with permissions to run the Integration Bridge:

On Linux
As a root user, or as the user who installed the Integration Bridge:

  1. Open the <Bridge_installation_directory>\product\util\opb directory.
  2. Run the bridgeAuthentication.bat file.
  1. Navigate to the <Bridge_installation_directory>/product/util/opb directory.
  2. Run the file.

The bridgeAuthentication tool supports the following commands:


Sets credentials for connecting to ALM Octane from the Integration Bridge.


bridgeAuthentication setAuth -clientId <CLIENT_ID> -secret <SECRET>


-clientId <CLIENT_ID>

The client ID to use when connecting to ALM Octane.

-secret <SECRET> The secret for the client that is connecting to ALM Octane.


Provides help for the current command when configuring ALM Octane credentials for the Integration Bridge.


bridgeAuthentication help