This section provides introductory concepts and instructions for working in ALM Octane.

Topic Description
Glossary of ALM Octane entities List of ALM Octane entities and their matching symbols.
Access your assigned work Track and update your work with a personalized list of work items.
Advance the phase of an item

As you develop items, update their phase with a click.

Attach files to items Add attachments to entities to document the item on which you are working.
Attributes, tags, and environments Use attributes, tags, and environments to apply identifiers to items.
Collaborate with an item's stakeholders Communicate with other users related to a backlog item or pipeline run failure.
Comment on items

Add comments to ALM Octane items for additional discussion.

Date formats

ALM Octane’s date format depends on the language or locale set in your browser.

Duplicate an item Duplicate an existing item to save time when creating a new one.
Edit forms

Select which fields are included in forms.

Receive notifications and emails Follow items to receives updates on their progress.
Personalize your display Filter, sort, and group items in each module, and save your settings as favorite views.
Preview an item Use the Preview pane to view basic details about an item.

Relate items to other items

Relate items to each other to see how one item impacts others.
Reporting in ALM Octane Create reports to enable stakeholders to view and analyze information.
Search for information Search your ALM Octane workspace or grid.
View an item's history View the history of ALM Octane items.

When to use the Backlog and Quality modules

Recommended best practice use of the Backlog and Quality modules.