Quality management

In ALM Octane, you have the ability to monitor development progress and also to track product quality.

How does ALM Octane measure quality?

ALM Octane measures quality in many ways: test results, defects, or feature quality status. Use application modules and associate items with these application modules to help ALM Octane analyze product quality.

Application modules are the functional areas of the product. You create these areas based on user processes, areas of the product, and so forth.

Using application modules is important because experience shows that most defects and test failures in products are limited to a small number of areas in an application. When you set up application modules and associate items with these modules, you see problematic areas and concentrate testing efforts and development effort toward these areas.

Application modules are release-agnostic. This means the details you view reflect all releases of the product.

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Working with application modules

In the Quality module, you organize application modules in a tree:

For details, see Work with application modules.

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