Attach files to items

Add attachments to entities to better document the item on which you are working. This enables others to see related information for this item as needed.

To attach a file:

  1. Locate the item for which you want to add an attachment.

  2. In the attachments tab, click Attach.

  3. Select the files you want to attach.

    ALM Octane supports the following file types:

    jpg bmp png
    word doc docx
    msg pdf xml
    xls xlsx ppt
    pptx zip txt
    wmv mp4 m4p
    mkv vob log
    wrf fbr jpeg

    Customize the supported file types by modifying the ATTACHMENTS_FILE_EXTENSION_WHITE_LIST configuration parameter. For details, see Set configuration parameters.

  4. Click Open.

After you add attachments to an item, you can view them by clicking the Attach button.

In the Grid or Smart List View, ALM Octane displays a paper clip icon indicating the attachment:

When working with attachments, the site admin can also:

  • Limit the number of attachments per entity. For details, see the MAX_ATTACHMENT_COUNT_PER_ENTITY configuration parameter under MAX_ATTACHMENT_COUNT_PER_ENTITY.

  • Limit the size of attachments and other files, at the site level. For details, see the STORAGE_MAX_FILE_SIZE configuration parameter under STORAGE_MAX_FILE_SIZE.