Comment on items

Add comments to any ALM Octane item for additional discussion.

To comment on items:

  1. In the item, in the upper right-hand corner of the ALM Octane window, click .

  2. Enter and format the comment.

    Tip: Add an Emoji to a comment. Type a colon (:) to display a list of available Emojis.

  3. If you want to tag another user in a comment, do one of the following:

    • Type "@" and an alphabetical character

    • From the Insert Image drop-down , click the Add Participant to Conversation icon and start typing.

    ALM Octane displays the list of users:

    Select a user from the list. ALM Octane inserts a connection to the ALM Octane user name.

    ALM Octane includes the comment in the Comments tab of the My Work module. The user receives an alert in the ALM Octane title bar. For details, see Access your assigned work.

  4. Click Add.

You cannot delete comments from other users. Click X in the upper right corner of the selected comment to delete your own comments.