Edit forms

You can select which fields are included in forms.

For example, suppose you want the Owner field visible when you create new user stories, even though it is not shown by default. You can customize the user story form so this field is always included. Similarly, you can choose to hide fields that are not relevant to your work.

To edit a form:

  1. Create or edit an entity such as a defect, user story, or test.

  2. In the form, click the Customize fields button located in the top right corner.

  3. Use the checkboxes to add or remove fields from the form. If you change the default fields, the Customize fields button shows an orange indicator .

  4. To restore the default fields, click and then click Reset.


  • Within a form, any fields you have added are shown under the More heading.

  • You can customize separate forms for creating new items and for editing items.

  • Your customizations are applied each time you open the same form again.

  • The customizations are specific to you, and do not affect other users.

For details on how administrators define the default form settings, see Design forms.