Follow an item

Follow items to track their progress and receives updates throughout the development cycle. ALM Octane notifies you of changes when someone updates an item.

Follow requirements, epics, features, user stories, quality stories, defects, tasks, pipelines, test suites, or tests.

To follow an item:

  1. From the relevant module, open the selected item.

  2. In the title bar of the item, click the Follow button. After you click this button, ALM Octane changes the button to show you are following it:

  3. On the Following button, click the down arrow and select what to follow:

    If you select... ALM Octane notifies you when..
    Attribute change Someone updates any attribute value.
    New attachment Someone adds or updates an attachment.
    Change in plan Someone updates the item's release or sprint value.
    New comment

    Someone adds a comment.

    If you are mentioned in the comment, set the notification options separately.

    Phase change Someone updates the phase of the item.

    Note: If you click the Follow button from a pipeline, you can receive notifications if your commit was involved in a failed run, if your test fails, or if the pipeline run fails.

  4. Instruct ALM Octane how to notify you of an update:

    • Notification by Email: ALM Octane Help sends a notification to your email.

    • Notification in My Work: ALM Octane adds a notification in the Notifications tab of the My Work module.

  5. To receive an email if you are mentioned in a comment:

    1. In the ALM Octane title bar, click the Settings button .

    2. In the menu, activate the toggler for the Email me when I am mentioned in a comment option.

      This setting is set to ON by default.

      If you do not enable this option, ALM Octane adds these comments to the Comments tab of the My Work module.