Group items

To help you work in ALM Octane modules, group items in the module grids.

Epics: WSJF attributes , then Phase
Features Release, then Team, then Phase
Stories: Feature, then Team, then Owner
Tests Application module, then Owner
Defects Severity, then Team, then Owner

To set groups, do the following:

  1. In the module, select a tab and set the view you prefer.

  2. In the toolbar, click the Group By button .

  3. In the Group by dialog box, click the Add Group Field and select the attribute by which to group:

    Note: Grouping by user-defined fields is supported for these types:  List , Release, Team, and User.

  4. Click the Add Group Field button again to set further levels. ALM Octane supports grouping three levels.

    When grouping, some attributes support multiple selection. As a result, when grouping, ALM Octane lists the item in all relevant groups.

ALM Octane displays the groups according to the specified criteria:

The groups display a summary of the items contained in the group, including the total number of items, story points, and time invested in the items.

Groups display in the Preview pane when you group by another entity type, such as grouped by feature.

Note: Previewing groups is not supported in the Board View.