View an item's history

View history for many ALM Octane items.

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In an item, click the History tab to see:

Date Date of each set of changes. The newest changes are at the top.

The name of the user that made the changes.

  • If an API made the changes, the authenticated user who made the change.

  • If a rule made the changes, the user that ran the rule.

  • On-premises: If the site admin made the changes, @System User, which is the default. (Your site may have renamed the site admin user.)

Set of changes

Set of changes made at the same time.

If changes were made to a rich-text field (for example to a description), click the View changes link to see the exact text that was modified.

Note: SaaS: If the creation time in the History tab differs from the Creation time field in the Details tab, this is because the Creation time field represents the actual creation time of the entity inside ALM Octane. For example, if the item was created in ALM, and then synchronized with ALM Octane a week later, the Creation time displays the original date, one week earlier. History displays the date it was created in ALM Octane.