Manual test syntax

When working in the Text Editor, use the following syntax to add steps:

Setup or regular steps

Each step starts with a hyphen and a space.

Example: - Navigate to the Web site.

Validation steps

Each step begins with a hyphen, space, and question mark:

Example: - ? Validate that the page loaded correctly.

Call to step

Each step begins with a hyphen, space, and the @ character with the ID number of the test to call:

Example: - @1102 Search by user


Syntax: <parameter name>

Example: Use port number <port>

For details, see Use parameters in tests.

A step can span more than one line. You do not need put a hyphen and space on other lines if a step continues.

Tip: When working in the text editor, a red X displays next to any lines with syntax or logic errors. For example, a call step cannot call the its own test.