Reporting in ALM Octane

As you work, you may want to prepare reports using ALM Octane data. These reports enable different people to view relevant information and perform analysis.

Create dashboard views

In the ALM Octane dashboard you add widgets to perform release and product quality analysis. Configure the necessary graphs and layout. Then, save the configuration as a private or public favorite.

For details on using the Dashboard, see Use the ALM Octane Dashboard. For details on using favorites, see Save filters in your favorites.

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Export information to Excel

You can export items and test run steps to Excel.

Export items

  1. In the relevant ALM Octane module, create filters to display the relevant items. For details on filtering, see Filter items.

  2. In the toolbar, click the Export to Excel button .

    For summary Dashboard graphs, click the menu button and select Export report to view the items highlighted in the graph.

Export test runs

Export manual and Gherkin test run steps to an Excel. You can export up to 20 test runs. Each run displays in a separate tab in the file.

Note: You cannot import test runs back into ALM Octane.

  1. Open the Tests tab from the Quality, Backlog, or Team Backlog modules.
  2. Select the tests that you want to export, and then click the Export test steps to Excel button.

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Get items using the REST API

Use the ALM Octane REST API to retrieve information about Backlog items, tests, and test suites.

ALM Octane sends the data on these items to your API client and you extract this data as necessary using your tool.

For details, see Overview for developers.

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