Personalize your display

Filter, sort, and group items in each module, and save your settings as favorite views.


Filter the items you want displayed in the module.

Filter type Description
Release/ Sprint context In the Backlog and Team Backlog modules: Select the release and sprint context.
Filter bar

Click to open the filter pane.

Select a field, and define a filter condition based on values of that field. Add more fields to the filter condition, using the AND or OR operator.

Cross-filters: Some fields allow you to define cross-filters. For example: in addition to filtering items by Phase, you can filter items whose phase was changed before a specified date.

Fields that support cross-filtering include this button .

Filtering is not possible on memo fields or long string fields.

Show descendants

In the Backlog and Quality modules:

  • Show only direct descendants. Displays only children of the selected node in the Backlog or Application Modules tree.
  • Show all descendants. Displays all descendants of the selected node.

In the Tags pane on the right, select tags to filter by. Tags include custom tags defined for your project. The tags pane also lists field values from a number of system fields, such as Team, Phase, Severity.

Tip: Right-click a tag or field value to exclude it from the filter.

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Select grid columns

In grid views, click and select which columns you want to display in the grid.

Drag the columns to any position you like.

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To sort by displayed columns:

  1. In Grid View, click a column header to sort the items by that field's values.
  2. Click again to reverse the sort order.
  3. Shift-click another field to sub-sort by that field.

To sort by any field:

  • In Grid View and Smart List View, click the Sort toolbar button and select a field to sort by.
  • Select up to three fields to sort and sub-sort by.
  • Click the direction icon in each selected field to reverse the sort order.

Note: Sorting is not possible on memo fields, long string fields, or multi-select fields.

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Click and select a field to group by. Select up to three fields to group and sub-group by.

If you sorted your view, items within each group are sorted accordingly.

Grouping is possible on:

  • System fields of type String, List , Release, Team, and User.

  • User-defined fields of type List , Release, Team, and User.

Grouping is possible on multi-select fields.

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Save a module's display settings as a favorite view. The favorite saves these settings: filter, selected columns, sort order, and grouping.

Each module has its own set of favorites. You can share favorite settings with all users, or with selected teams.

In the top banner, open the Favorites menu .

After you save or load an existing favorite, if you change your display settings, the favorite icon changes to .

In the Favorites menu, select Update Favorite to re-save the favorite with the current settings.

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