What's new in 12.53.21 (CP5)

The following new features and enhancements are introduced in ALM Octane version 12.53.21:


  • Quickly rank Backlog items with the Rank Highest and Rank Lowest context menu items for any Backlog item.

  • Drag and drop tests to assign them to features in the backlog tree.

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You can now group items in the story board or use Group By filters created in the Smart View/Grid View in the story board:

For details, see Use the Board View.

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You can now add a relation for manual tests to automated tests. This lets you

  • Set/manage the automation status of a manual test

  • Once the automation is ready you can link the manual test to the automated test

  • Know what is automated, see the results of the automation per test and track automation efforts over time

For details, see Create manual tests.

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Pipelines and automated testing

  • Unified Jenkins plugin. For the latest enhancements in CI integration with Jenkins, replace the ALM Octane CI plugin with the Application Automation Tools plugin, available from the Jenkins Plugins page. For details on adjusting your newly installed plugin to work with existing pipelines, see Upgrade from the ALM Octane CI Jenkins plugin to the Application Automation Tools plugin.

  • ALM Octane CI availability. The ALM Octane CI plugin is now available for download from the Internet on the TeamCity and Bamboo plugin pages.

  • CI Plugin SDK for ALM Octane. Use our new Java SDK to build your own ALM Octane CI plugin for any CI server. The plugin is available in GitHub.

  • Jenkins Pipeline plugin support. ALM Octane pipelines that are based on Pipeline-as-Code Jenkins jobs now retrieve all test run results and SCM data from the Jenkins server.

  • Find failed test runs related to a specific committer. In the Analysis tab, filter the Test Runs grid by Related committers. This displays runs whose failures are related to changes committed by the users you select.

    This replaces the Related to my commits filter, which was introduced previously.

    Tip: To filter by committer, make sure your SCM users are mapped to ALM Octane users. For details, see What's new in 12.53.21 (CP5).

  • Viewing automated tests and test runs.

    • Group automated tests by component, package, and class name.

    • Group, sort, and filter automated test runs in a pipeline run's Analysis tab.

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For a list of REST API changes, see What's changed in the REST API.

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