What's new in 12.55.13 (CP6)

The following new features and enhancements are introduced in ALM Octane version 12.55.13.

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The following usability enhancements are available:

Enhancement Details
Duplication enhancements

You can now create copies of requirements. You can also duplicate entities by clicking a button in the entity's details view.

For details, see Duplicate an item.

Sort by UDFs

You can now sort by UDFs of type:

  • string

  • integer

  • boolean

  • date

This is in addition to sorting by UDFs of type single-value reference fields, such as release, team, user, and list values.

View license usage details

SaaS administrators can now view ALM Octane license usage details in MyAccount.

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The following enhancements are available in the Testing area:

  • Create tables with parameters and parameter values for re-use in manual tests. When you run a test, it runs in multiple iterations using a different set of parameter values each time. For details see Use parameters in tests.

  • Quickly add attachments by pasting screenshots or text from your clipboard into manual test steps.

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Pipelines and CI servers

  • Temporarily disconnect a Jenkins server from ALM Octane.

    For details, see Suspend and resume data transfer from Jenkins to ALM Octane.

  • Track code coverage reports from Jenkins in ALM Octane pipelines.

    For details, see Track code coverage in pipeline runs.

  • ALM Octane now retrieves the Jenkins build logs and stores them locally for you to view.

    In a pipeline's Failure Analysis tab, in each row in the Failed Builds, expand the row to find the build log link.

    Note: The first two features require version 5.3.1 or later of the Application Automation Tools plugin. This version is currently available as a beta version.

    To always stay up to date with the latest available version of the plugin, follow the instructions on the Jenkins Plugin Update Center page.

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Settings and configuration

The following configuration enhancements are available:

Enhancement Details
Set space configuration parameters (technical preview)

The shared space admin can set the values for space-level configuration parameters in Settings, without having to use the REST API.

SaaS: Space admins can now customize SaaS environments without opening support cases by setting space-level customization parameters.

For details, see Set configuration parameters.

Rule enhancements

You can now create rules that compare the current user to user-type fields. For example, you can create a condition that sends an email to a defect's owner if the current user is not the defect owner. For details, see Define a condition.

Field customization

Descriptions are now available for fields. You can: 

  • View descriptions for ALM Octane pre-defined system fields.

  • Modify descriptions for user-defined fields (UDFs).

For details, see Customize fields.

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The following integration enhancements are available:

Tool Integration
ALM Octane plugin for IntelliJ IDEA

You can customize which ALM Octane fields you see when viewing an item's details.

For details, see Work in IntelliJ IDEA.

ALM Octane plugin for Eclipse

You can customize which ALM Octane fields you see when viewing an item's details.

For details, see Work in Eclipse Oxygen IDEs.

Fortify on Demand

  • Security vulnerabilities are now displayed for each pipeline run.

  • Use the Report Defect button to automatically create a defect from a vulnerability.

  • Define a status and assign an owner for each vulnerability. This helps improve tracking and handling of security issues.

For details, see Track security vulnerabilities.

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For a list of REST API changes, see What's changed in the REST API.

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