What's new in 12.55.25 (CP7)

The following new features and enhancements are introduced in ALM Octane version 12.55.25.

What's new video

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The following usability enhancements are now available:

Board View

Both requirements and epics can now be managed using a board view.

Full-screen editing

Rich-text fields can now be edited in full-screen mode.

Dashboard grids

In the Dashboard, summary graphs can now be displayed in a grid format.

Test runs and reports

Improved user experience when running tests and viewing test reports.

  • We’ve placed the expected results and actual results of a test step side-by-side for better readability.

  • We made the actual results text box dynamic so it grows according to the text you enter.

Redundant fields removed

The following redundant fields were removed:

  • Within Features, the following fields were removed because they were duplicates of other fields: Defect Count, User Story Count, and Quality Stories. Instead, use the fields Defects, User Stories, and the relevant quality story field (for example the number of defects under the feature).
  • Within Tests, the Requirements coverage field was removed because it is a duplicate of the generic Backlog coverage field.

Note that if you used these fields as part of a business rule, the rule is no longer valid and will not run. Instead, modify the rule to use the correct fields listed above.

Settings and configuration

The following configuration enhancements are now available:

Roles and permissions

A predefined Viewer role is now available. Assign it to users who need only viewing permissions.

For more details, see Assign roles and permissions.

Trigger webhook rules (formerly Call URL)

  • The Call URL rule action has been renamed to Trigger webhook. Existing Call URL rules are renamed automatically during upgrade.

  • User-defined fields (UDFs) are now supported in the payload.

  • A new tool is available for testing your Trigger webhook rule and the service you are developing. For details, see Listen for ALM Octane webhooks.

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Pipelines and CI servers

The following pipeline and CI server enhancements are available:

Support for new CI servers

The following CI servers are now supported. Click the links to download the ALM Octane plugins for the CI servers.

Pipeline run analysis

  • The Analysis tab in a pipeline run now displays also test runs that did not fail.

    For details, see Analyze tests.

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UFT Integration

ALM Octane can now discover and run UFT tests stored in a Subversion (SVN) repository. For details, see Set up UFT integration.

This requires version 5.3.5 or later of the Application Automation Tools plugin, currently available as a beta version.

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The ALM Octane plugin for Visual Studio now displays additional ALM Octane fields, not just the name and description. You can select which fields you see, including comments.

For details, see Work on your ALM Octane items.

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For a list of REST API changes, see What's changed in the REST API.

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Help Center search

The help center now includes advanced site search functionality:

  • Intuitive friendly Google-like search
  • Search across all ADM help centers
  • Filter search results by selected products
  • Get results from separate deliverables in one place, such as PDFs and APIs

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