What's new in 12.55.32 (CP7)

The following new features and enhancements are introduced in ALM Octane version 12.55.32.

User management

Roles and permissions

Several enhancements are now available: 

  • Space admins can see the permissions provided with each role.

  • Space admins can create new roles and customize their permissions, according to organizational requirements.

  • Permissions can be granted for create, update, delete, and delete by author operations on ALM Octane items.

  • Permissions can be granted for actions. These actions include sending emails, managing tags, ranking backlog items, and so on.

  • Module access can be granted or denied for users with customized roles.

For details, see Assign roles and permissions.

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User deletion

For SaaS, you can now request to delete users by opening a support ticket.

For details, see Delete a user.

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The Validate rule action has been renamed to Alert User. Existing Validate rules are renamed automatically during upgrade.

Shared customization (technical preview, Enterprise edition) 

Working with shared entities is supported using the REST API and OData. This helps facilitate cross-workspace reporting for shared spaces.

Shared entities include releases, user-defined fields, rules, and more.

For details, see What's changed in the REST API and The ALM Octane model.


The following usability enhancements are now available:

Format text in test script

Style text in manual tests using markdown. Display text in bold, italics, underline, or colors.

For details, see Create manual tests.

Improved attachments interface

Browse through multiple attachments easily.

For details, see Attachments.


Search for an item using its URL and avoid opening multiple ALM Octane browser tabs when opening an item from an email notification.

For details, see Search for information.

Filter out Done items

Work items that are Done are no longer displayed in selection lists. For example, when selecting backlog coverage for a test, Done items are not displayed.

To display a Done item in a selection list, search for it using its ID.

For details, see Create the Backlog.

Follow multiple items

Follow multiple items with one click.

For details, see Follow an item.

Gherkin tests

Add scenario outlines in Gherkin tests with a click of a button.

For details, see Add test scenarios.

Task default owner

When you add a task to an existing user story, the task will be assigned, by default, to the owner of the user story.

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When analysing results of automated StormRunner Functional tests, you can now drill directly from the Tests tab to the detailed StormRunner Functional report.

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Pipelines and CI servers

Pipeline run analysis

  • When you assign Who’s on it for a failed pipeline run, ALM Octane suggests the most relevant people to handle the failure. This is based on their recent commits, areas of expertise, or previous activity.

  • For unstable tests, ALM Octane shows the last commit that included a change to the test file before the test became unstable.

  • For failed tests, ALM Octane shows related files to indicate files which were previously linked to the test, by analyzing committers and "Who's on it" history.

For details, see Expand your test failure analysis.

Expanded pipeline support

  • ALM Octane now supports the Jenkins Pipeline Multibranch plugin. When a new branch is pushed to a source code repository and built for the first time, ALM Octane automatically creates a corresponding pipeline. For details, see Special pipeline types.

  • Enhanced support for Pipeline as a code, with stages now displayed in the Topology tab.

These require version 5.4 or later of the Application Automation Tools plugin, available here.

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You can now search for specific items when working in the ALM Octane plugin for Visual Studio.

For details, see Search for items.

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GDPR-compliance enhancements (technical preview)

Examples are provided that demonstrate how to use the REST API to view the history of user actions on entities in ALM Octane. This facilitates compliance with the GDPR "right to access" article.

For these examples, see this KB article.

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For a list of REST API changes, see What's changed in the REST API.

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