What's new in 12.55.5 (CP5)

The following new features and enhancements are introduced in ALM Octane version 12.55.5.


You can now 'follow' Epics, Features, and Test Suites, and receive notifications about changes to them.

For details, see Receive notifications and emails.

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Hide build failures resulting from specific pipeline steps. For example, hide build failures of parent steps so you can focus on the real build failures in the child steps. For details, see Configure steps: Ignore or hide results of specific steps.

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View automated test runs from specific pipeline runs

You can now create dashboard widgets that display automated test runs from the past.

Add a custom graph. In the Scope tab, select the Item type: Pipeline run history.

Tip: This item type was renamed Test run history (automated) in 12.55.6.

Filter the graph by Pipeline run to see all of the automated test runs that ran as part of specific pipeline runs. For details, see Automated test run history widgets.

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UFT integration

UFT integration is now available for SaaS ALM Octane as well as on-premises.

Set up UFT integration so ALM Octane creates automated test entities based on the tests stored in your UFT Git repository. For details, see Set up UFT integration.

Add the tests to test suites to run the them from ALM Octane. For details, see Run UFT tests as part of a test suite.

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