What's new in 12.55.9 (CP6)

The following new features and enhancements are introduced in ALM Octane version 12.55.9.

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The following usability enhancements are available:

Enhancement Details
Duplicate items You can now duplicate a user story, defect, manual test, or Gherkin test. For details, see Duplicate an item.
Personalized forms Users can now override the default settings, and select which fields are displayed in forms. For example, you can customize the user story form so that the Owner field is always included. Similarly, you can hide fields that are not relevant to your work. For details, see Customize forms.
Update from tree

You can change the state of a requirement or feature by selecting it in the tree, and updating its phase in the upper right pane. For details, see Advance the phase of an item.

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In the story board, the Deferred, Rejected, and Duplicate columns are now hidden by default to help you focus on the areas that require action. You can unhide them as needed.

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The following enhancements are available in the Pipelines area:

  • Redraw a pipeline. You can now instruct ALM Octane to redraw the visual representation of the pipeline’s flow. When you click in a pipeline's Topology tab, the topology is redrawn based on the pipeline steps currently defined on your CI server. For details, see Explore a pipeline's graphical representation.

  • Assign a pipeline to the default release. You can now configure a pipeline to remain associated with whichever release is set as the default release.

  • Gherkin failed test runs. In a pipeline run’s Failure Analysis, Gherkin failed automated runs are now easier to identify, by their unique icon . In addition, when you select such a run, the Report tab displays the link to the Gherkin report.

  • Send emails from Failure Analysis. You can now send emails from the Failed Test Runs tab in a pipeline run’s failure analysis. The emails include the failed test runs that you select.

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Security testing integration (technical preview)

Bring security testing into your development process: Set up integration with Fortify on Demand, enabling ALM Octane’s pipeline run overview to include new vulnerabilities found on this run.

For details, see Set up an integration with Fortify.

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The following features have been added in the Settings area:

Feature Description
Delete workflow phases Workspace admins can delete workflow phases even if entities are in that phase.
Rules to make multiple fields either required or read-only

A rule can now set multiple fields as required or read-only under the same condition. You do not have to create multiple rules for each field.

Customization for shared and non-shared entities

Customize user-defined fields (UDFs) on both a shared space level for all workspaces, and also for individual workspaces.

Set site configuration parameters (technical preview)

The site admin can set the values for site-level configuration parameters in Settings, without having to use the REST API.

For details, see Set configuration parameters.

Set space configuration parameters

The shared space admin can set configuration parameters for spaces using the REST API.

For details, see Setting configuration parameters with the REST API.

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For a list of REST API changes, see What's changed in the REST API.

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